Saturday, June 6, 2009

Dismal Swamp Canal

Well after a few days back at home it was time to get out and do something.With a few ideas in mind it didn't take to long for me and my brother to decide on what to do.The weather in our neck of the woods has been quite horrible as of late.So we decided to try something a little new to both of us.We decided to take the small boat with a trolling motor and go fish the Dismal Swamp Canal.Having already fished it once and scouted out the boat ramp the Nutty Professor was one up on me.I'm not the kind of person who likes going into an event with no prior planning or idea of what is to come.Fortunately the Nutty one came through and we had a very low stress fishing/sight seeing expedition on the good old S.S Gut Runner!
As you can see from the picture above the Dismal Swamp Canal is very much just that,a canal.It's history is an awesome that sparks some personal interest in me because of it's Maritime background.Barges are very rarely moved through this part of the intercoastal waterway anymore given the sizes of most modern steel hull barges and boats for that matter.If you want to learn more about the history of the Dismal Swamp well read a book because I haven't done much research yet.So the water is black and brackish leaning more towards fresh.We were aiming at just trying to put a few fish in the boat whether it be bluegill or bass,unfortunately we didn't get a single bite.No problems though we learned a few things and The Nutty one now has an actual freshwater pole and lures,hot damn.Take care of them and when we're fifty I'm sure you will still be using that same pole.No fish but a great time,some new scenery and a good reason to keep the small boat around until next year.Looking forward to a good music show in Baltimore with Swamp Thing and then a few days of more unplanned public area fishing in northern and western Virginia.Look out world the Dude doesn't have a pla
The now antique superintendent's house

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