Saturday, March 20, 2010

Risk Taker?

Who?This Guy?Not hardly!I have got to be one of the safest all around people in the world.Some might call it spineless,some might call it responsible,I call it safe.A few weeks ago after years of saving and months of planning I through my hat in the ring of home ownership.I learned more in the last two weeks than I learned in two years of asking everybody from Realtors to books.It's gone quite easy so far and I had the opportunity to put an offer on a house last minute but I didn't take the chance.The chance being that I would find a better,cheaper,newer,more to my liking house.I have only been looking at house for a few weeks,in person,and I find it hard to believe the one house I liked is the only one in my price range.So back to work I went hoping that over the next month the house wouldn't be sold,better yet maybe they will lower the price,that would be nice.

Upon arriving at work I noticed everyone seemed a little down,more than usual.This struck me as odd because the weather has finally broken on The East Coast and it truly was a glorious day.I was soon filled in that the Captain has made some outrageous claims involving everyone in the deck crew on this boat.So me being the not so level headed one,apparently chosen to lead this withered deck crew I went and had a "chat".This "chat",although less than pleasant,hammered out some problems that weren't really problems just bickers.One of the problems involved taking a slight risk by hanging over the side of the boat to reattach a tire chain that had broken off.Due to the size of the tire and it's location I quickly found out why it had yet to be repaired.It involved some trust,some strength and a whole lot of risk.Long story short the tire got fixed properly and I don't ever want to do it again.As far back as I can remember I have just never been a risk taker.I have no reason as to why I don't go travel the world or live in North Dakota or Canada with the North Americas best Waterfowl hunting.No reason why I don't leave the company I'm with besides I still feel like I owe them for giving me a chance a few years ago.I'm not sure if it was in the way I was raised or in my genes.I like excitement and I have definitely done some sketchy things in my life but I guess now that my life is good I can't afford injury or financial risk.

Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Let the Hunt Begin

I have come to a point in my life where I guess I need to grow up,on paper at least.I have worked myself to the bone over the last few years and saved my pennies in the hopes of buying a house.A few years ago I thought I would buy a ranch and a few hundred acres and be a cowboy.So I was a little off on that one,you can't blame me for dreaming.It comes down to the fact that,houses,maintenance,land,insurance isn't cheap and I'm not rich or anywhere near it.I have brought myself back to reality and improved my credit enough to get a decent home loan and trying to stay within a budget I should be able to get a nice little house with some peace and quiet.Even if I don't get a huge yard just knowing that I don't run the risk of someone stealing my house off it's foundation will be nice.Ten years in the ghetto and I think that's enough to last a lifetime.I don't intend on moving to far away from my stomping grounds.I honestly don't intend on moving out of southern Virginia just to the outskirts.The area is all I know and there are still a few places I think I may be able to settle down for a few years,until I hit the lottery and live out my drifting the West on horseback dream out.I know this house buying thing will get to me,I know I will get angry at myself for making stupid decisions at some point but only one way to learn is to do it.I don't have anyone to show me the way,just a few close relatives and friends with very helpful advice and a few priceless contacts.I go home tomorrow and next Monday it's on,let's do this,sorry just trying to sike myself up.