Thursday, September 30, 2010


No I have not found the cure for all communicable diseases or anything even close,I had a deep thought.Understandably this gave me the worlds biggest headache since my operating system,brain,is sometimes referred to as "puny".Never fear I wrote down my deep thought and because I'm a true American it had to do with money,my future and how I ended up here.So let's play a quick game of catch up if you will so everyone is up to speed.The Gulf Oil Disaster,or whatever name you wish to give it,has been keeping the majority of American Merchant Marines busy for the last few months,me included.We have been working with dredge companies,hauling sand and mud offshore to then be pumped inland to create barrier islands to keep the oil off of and away from extremely fragile marshes.I hope you followed that because there will not be a review.Seriously when time permits I will spend time posting pictures and articles detailing the craziness we have endured the last few months in the bayou.I would like to take the time after the job is completed,3 months to five years from now,to remind everyone of exactly what happened down here.A few weeks ago before returning to work I finally moved out of the city and into my firat house.The first few days in that house were the most relaxing days I have literally had in years.I will detail this at some point as well.I did get the opportunity to go out for a September goose hunt with my brother,the nutty professor and a friend of mine.We shot poorly and ended up with one goose,which is better than none.I really don't care much for hunting with shorts on and sweating but it is good to have a drill in case anything goes wrong.The water is still warm in case the boat sinks,haha.Well now everyone is caught up and this brings me to the topic at hand,my deep thought.

Let's leave that long winded paragraph behind and wrap our heads around this.Written on the bottom of a bunk on the tug I am on there are quite a few sayings.Really every tug has one bunk or galley table where everyone signs or writes something on.This particular bunk has been on the boat for quite a few years.To sum up the majority of the sayings it consists of an question that one person was an open ended question-Why are you here?over the course of 20-25 years people have answered this question.Easy,obvious answers-money,running away from my wife,wife got pregnant,it was this or jail.Some people took the time to write detailed events of how they ended up on that particular tug.the bunk has run out of room to write on many years ago but it really got me thinking,why am I here.was it for the money,it certainly isn't because I'm running from jail I assure you.I couldn't answer that question in a sentence so I thought it over and never found a single concrete reason.The best I could come up with,the Navy wanted a contract?Seriously I still haven't found the answer but every night I lay in that bed and find a new response to the question,I continue to think about my own situation.So ask yourself,don't tell me it's your business,why are you where you are right now?What brought you there?

Friday, September 3, 2010

real quick

I'm aware I have been away from the computer literally all Summer and it doesn't thrill me either.What does thrill me is that it means I have been busy.Let's clear this up first.I have not abandoned this blog.I will write when I have the chance but think forced writing is worst writing.Where am I?Currently in the extreme lower Mississippi River working.What are you doing?Working one of the biggest dredge jobs ever in the United States.We are taking sand and mud from the lower Mississippi River out to see via dredge scow and dumping it near an off shore dredge.why?So the lovely people of this state can have there wildlife preserves,marshes and barrier islands protected by sand berms.Is this a coincidence or in direct relation to the bp/deep water horizon spill?Up for debate and I will not throw my answer in the ring until well after this job is done or we are allowed to speak freely about the subject matter.what else have you done all Summer?I bought a house and will be moving into it in the next few weeks when I get a break from work.This excites and scares me for the fact that I owe a bank a ton of don't fret everyone.I have great pictures of the new house,the interesting life on a boat in the bayou and the few outdoor activities I have done this Summer.Don't forget duck and goose season is here!