Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Take a Deep Breath

Verrazano Narrows Bridge,NYC

Portland Head Light,Maine

"The Hump"Hudson River,New York

It's all becoming so clear to me now,I need to get away and clear my mind.Yes the road trip of awesome I had planned for this Summer has been planned then canned.I changed companies and with doing so,changed my dates off work to a very unclear picture.Now it's starting to take shape and maybe,just maybe,the road trip will still take place.If it happens great,if not,I'm still getting out of town because I need a break.In the meantime,I'll just be happy to have scored the same job, at a bigger company, making more money,winning.It's been a hectic few weeks and I can't wait to get outside and let my mind relax and maybe try some fishing in an area I'm unfamiliar with.We have been working all over the NYC harbor hauling the American favorite gasoline.We did make a trip up to Albany,which I have been to before,and it's always great to take in the fresh mountain air.It's almost like a line drawn on a map,the city melts away and the next thing you know you are staring at gorgeous green mountains full of life.Lighthouses that date back hundreds of years and sailing on one of the most historic waterways in the United Sates.We also took a trip to Maine,only my second trip there.The New England area held up to all that was expected,fog.I have been working the water for over seven years,almost four offshore and I have seen my share of fog.I have never seen fog this thick that lasted literally for days.Sitting in the upper wheelhouse felt like being in a strange dream,thick with clouds,not knowing which way was up.At that point you are completely at the mercy of your instruments.lord help the lobster boat that doesn't have a radar.When the sun did come out,the day we left Maine,I did manage to take a few pictures of Porland Head Lighthouse.I'm told it's one of the most photographed lighthouses in the world.I can imagine when the nor easters blow in it makes for some awesome pictures with the waves crashing over the island.The fog quickly moved back in when we approached Buzzards Bay tower,later New England.So one week left then I get a break,I can do this!

Thursday, June 23, 2011

In Demand

It's quite a new feeling for me at work,the feeling of being needed.Not that I have changed in any way,just the surroundings.I'm trying to settle in at the new company,yes I got the job,and it has been a stressful but fulfilling week.Making calls to my last employer to finding my way to a company bunkhouse in NYC had me on edge.Staying in said bunkhouse with a few strangers from all parts of the country made it a little easier.I sat back and realized I'm not the only one that feels it.For sure we won't all make it to permanent employment but some of us might.When I arrived at my new boat I was greeted with a hey @%$! let's go!Yes,Yankees,lots of them and in full effect.I find them funny because of the open behavior of I don't care they love to display.So that's where my life is right now.I missed my fishing trip to the mountains but the mountains will always be there or so I hope.I'm taking plenty of pictures of the big stinky apple and when I find a moment I will but together a more in depth writing of my first week in the big leagues.

Wednesday, June 15, 2011

I Got Your Change!

So the time has come,Summer time,bass fishing,sun bathing,changing employers.WHAT?No seriously it's happening.After almost 4 years with my current employer I have started the ball rolling and frankly it doesn't seem to want to stop.I need to say a few things about my current employer and some of the employees.I HATE YOU!I kid,I kid,seriously I will miss you and thanks for the opportunity and training and seamanship blah blah blah.Now on to the real deal.I'm so nervous,I have never done this and well I'm man enough to say I'm scared as goose poo.I'm 32 and only once have I taken a chance and it worked out well.That chance was my current employer calling me and sending me on a tug to Guatemala,El Salvador and Panama.It worked out well and I'm way better off now than I was 4 years ago.That being said,there are much better and bigger chances to be taken.I eventually grew a set last week and asked for a raise,I haven't had one in over three years.I was told to kick rocks essentially.This made the Dude mad and well i used some contacts I have gained over the last few years and BAM here we are.I fly out in the morning to NYC to see if this is the next stage and I hope it is.As long as I keep telling myself "in a few days this will get easier" I should be ok,right?Sorry everybody for the work related posts over the last few weeks but that's what this blog is,my life.Fortunately for you my life consists of work and outside activities so that's all I will right about.Reasons for switching companies,much more money,room for advancement,constant work and MONEY.I have been out fishing and had some good luck so I will post pics and a post in the next week or so.Wish me luck and get outside people!

Thursday, June 9, 2011

It's been a real struggle to keep my head on straight the last few weeks.My last blog post didn't go over well with some fellow mariners but I still stand by what I said.I want to add though that it's the way I feel about the subject which doesn't mean it's entirely correct.That being said I need a break!Hauling coal up and down the Chesapeake Bay is one thing,try doing it a man short and it makes it that much mo betta!Then the boat gets kicked off contract on the hottest part of the year so far and we go to the shipyard for some intense manual labor.Let's follow that up by me taking a stand and asking for a raise for the first time in three years and getting completely shot down.So it's time to move on,the resume has been emailed and although I don't have concrete offers I have been talking to several different companies.Credentials will be faxed in next week when I get home and I really do hope something comes through.I have been with my company for almost four years and I really don't want to leave.All signs are pushing me out the door though.Everything from more money,better benefits,less actual time worked which equals more time at home and paid education.That's the key right there,who wants to send the dude to school to get my captains licence.So that's where we are and I'm trying not to stress over the inevitable changes that may occur in the next few weeks.I hope to get outdoors and do some fishing in between the hunt for a new company.Take care everybody and get outside because I can't!