Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Take a Deep Breath

Verrazano Narrows Bridge,NYC

Portland Head Light,Maine

"The Hump"Hudson River,New York

It's all becoming so clear to me now,I need to get away and clear my mind.Yes the road trip of awesome I had planned for this Summer has been planned then canned.I changed companies and with doing so,changed my dates off work to a very unclear picture.Now it's starting to take shape and maybe,just maybe,the road trip will still take place.If it happens great,if not,I'm still getting out of town because I need a break.In the meantime,I'll just be happy to have scored the same job, at a bigger company, making more money,winning.It's been a hectic few weeks and I can't wait to get outside and let my mind relax and maybe try some fishing in an area I'm unfamiliar with.We have been working all over the NYC harbor hauling the American favorite gasoline.We did make a trip up to Albany,which I have been to before,and it's always great to take in the fresh mountain air.It's almost like a line drawn on a map,the city melts away and the next thing you know you are staring at gorgeous green mountains full of life.Lighthouses that date back hundreds of years and sailing on one of the most historic waterways in the United Sates.We also took a trip to Maine,only my second trip there.The New England area held up to all that was expected,fog.I have been working the water for over seven years,almost four offshore and I have seen my share of fog.I have never seen fog this thick that lasted literally for days.Sitting in the upper wheelhouse felt like being in a strange dream,thick with clouds,not knowing which way was up.At that point you are completely at the mercy of your instruments.lord help the lobster boat that doesn't have a radar.When the sun did come out,the day we left Maine,I did manage to take a few pictures of Porland Head Lighthouse.I'm told it's one of the most photographed lighthouses in the world.I can imagine when the nor easters blow in it makes for some awesome pictures with the waves crashing over the island.The fog quickly moved back in when we approached Buzzards Bay tower,later New England.So one week left then I get a break,I can do this!


Swamp Thing said...

lobster boat without radar....LOSING, DUH

The Reverend Fowl ™ said...

I was in NY/NJ for 15 years, up to age 30. I’m from Upper MI though.

*This was an easy comment to leave, but I had gotten out of the habit of commenting because of a glitch or bug in Google that would not allow me to choose an identity for commenting.