Sunday, May 23, 2010

I Can't Stop Now

Never in my thirty one years on Earth did I think I would make it to well,thirty one.I hit this not so important milestone a few months ago and I'm just now going to take a minute and look around.I didn't think even ten years ago I would be where I am.It may have been part stubbornness,part ignorance.I always thought whatever live today like there is absolutely no tomorrow and some days really wished there wasn't a tomorrow.Obviously I'm here and I just want to try and figure out what's next.In the last seven or so years I have slowly come around from hoping there wasn't going to be a tomorrow to looking forward to it.I still embrace the live every day like there isn't going to be another one,just a little more cautious.I'm more cautious now because I have more to lose.Most importantly,to me job.I know a person who lives his life for his job is just a person who doesn't know how to live.I think that just depends on what your job is.

If you work in an office all day with your head in a computer,you haven't seen a sunrise in over a year,you wake up and everyday is absolutely the same as the day before,well you get the picture.I can't stress enough how working so many different jobs in my teens and twenties,I have no idea how I ended up where I am today.I was literally a signature away from joining the Navy,which isn't a bad idea for some.I won't get into the details but I have done some jobs that were,well,just that,jobs.So what's the difference between a job and a career?Does it have to do with chance for advancement,a pay rate scale,a certain amount of respect earned in the field you work?I honestly don't know,I'm sure wikipedia does though!In my mind the difference between a job and a career is the level of happiness one can gain by showing up every day.The pay rate scale definitely helps but I know a few people who make way more than the Dude and are quite a bit less happy.In all seriousness though I feel I'm lucky and every time I get angry or up in arms at work,I tend to look back later in the day and tell myself,hey it could be worse.It has been worse and it may be a bumpy ride again at some point in my life.Right now I'm enjoying the opportunity I've been given and I'm taking what spare time I can find away from work to do some things I have always wanted to do.I may not have the chance in the future,because after all most people typically don't choose whether there will be a tomorrow or not.

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Warm Weather Adventures

The guys from Man Camp 2010

With the temperatures finally turning the corner toward the warm side I knew it was that time of year again,MAN CAMP 2010!As a reminder Man Camp is quite self explanatory but I will explain it again for the less fortunate that were not reading this blog last year.Man Camp is the time of year when a bunch of guys go to the woods and try not to get arrested.No that isn't exactly it,Man Camp is a group of men go to the woods and waters of Virginia and do whatever they want.That's right no plan to have to go fishing or hiking,no set meals.If you want to go fishing go ahead,want to take a walk in the woods and sleep under an oak tree be my guest.There is one catch though,no bitching!Whether it's about your wife,your friends or the lack of fish if you bitch you suffer the consequences.Luckily in the last 8 or so years we have done Man Camp nobody has bitched so I don't know what the consequences are exactly.

Justin with the mandatory kiss of the first fish

Now that everyone has an understanding on what it's all about let me say a few words about this years Man Camp.We were lucky enough to have one of the original members join us at camp this year after a year off for "personal" reasons,whatever the hell that means.My friends of almost ten years Justin took the Friday off so we rode up to the Chickahominy River together with the boat in tow.Everything was normal as we launched the boat,I drove it around the creek and tied it to a tree.We set up camp and met his younger brother Ryan,who commenced to settling in.Later that evening after a nice boat ride and a few cold beers we were joined by the 9-5 crew.A fire was started and we all behaved ourselves like grown men,right.The next morning Justin,Ryan and I took the boat up river to do some bass fishing.My excuse for not catching any fish is I was trolling around cypress trees getting them into position.They each caught a few bass,one perch and a large catfish.We headed back to camp to awaken everyone else and we were greeted by Justin and Ryans father who made the trip down from Vermont.The afternoon went swiftly and towards evening I decided I needed to take a walk and clear my head.

Hopefully my new duck hunting spot

Ryan tagged along and we took a short drive up the WMA property to where I thought I might finally be able to find a flooded swamp area to duck hunt in.That's a lie,Ryan used his gps to help me find this damn swamp I haven't been able to find.It was a longer than expected walk but the area was excellent and I will be returning with waders to see how soft the bottom is.The night closed out with no incidents or injuries and Sunday morning we packed up and headed home.It was unfortunate that my two brothers were unable to make it but understandable.One has a new baby and the other had a work obligation.They were missed however there is and will be a next year.I'm already looking forward to Man Camp 2011.

Thursday, May 13, 2010

I'm Not Done Yet

For anyone who periodically checks this blog,I haven't quit it yet.I know it's been almost two months since I have written or posted anything but I haven't forgotten.I'm in the process of buying or trying to buy a house.It has literally consumed all of my free time on and off the boat.I do have an offer in on a house and I hope it goes through so I can close before the end of the Summer.I have been able to do a little fishing this Spring with little success.The tugboating has slowly picked up and we are currently towing a barge up and down the East Coast.Look forward in the next few days to a catch up article and then I hope I can get back to posting around once a week.Thanks for sticking with me.