Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Back in the Big Apple for the third Winter in a row and excited about it,what's wrong with me.This is the third Winter in a row I have been "stationed" in and around the New York Harbor.Many other Seamen hate the Winters up here,I happen to love them.The strong North winds,the ice,the snow and the work is never ending.Unfortunately we will be going back South in a few days for a short lived job on the Potomac River in Maryland.I guess they need some coal,something about it's getting cold,i didn't notice.So as we headed through Hells Gate the other day and I grabbed my camera I thought for the millionth time what it was like way back when.I can only wonder and read sea journals because I will never know.There are some huge changes that will be taking place in my career over the next few months.Step one transfer boat,step two finish out sea time for merchant mariner document upgrade,step three go back to school,step four and most importantly we will discuss at a later date after it happens.Everyone have a great Thanksgiving and if you have a chance to get outside then do it.There is nothing stopping you from enjoying a day in the woods or on the water.Yes it's cold but you can always put more clothes on!

Saturday, November 13, 2010

It's Over

That's right the dredge job of doom is over.Not knowing if the dredge site would be shut down the next day or would be active for another five years was getting really depressing.However upon my return to the boat from my off time I learned we would soon be leaving the Gulf Coast region and was ecstatic.More on where we are going next in a later post because at the moment I have only an idea.Ideas in this business are worth about as much as a weak cup of coffee.So let's talk about what I did in my time off besides catch an awesome cold that lasted entirely to long.I slept entirely to much end of story.

That is quite the opposite actually.After catching up on bills,a month worth of landscaping and other assorted home owner things I found some time to hang out with my brother swamp thing.Had a great time inflicting pain on my shoulder by shooting a cheap shotgun at clays for a few hours.The silly things I call fun right.I really did have a nice relaxing time hanging with swampy,his wife and the little kid.Upon returning home the cold of death took over my life for a few days.Now please understand I am a huge baby when it comes to pain but this cold was horrible.I'm an idiot so no I did not go to the doctor.i just toughed it out and ate entirely to many products with vitamin c.My last few days home found me drained of all energy so I did what every man would do when the fish are biting.I went fishing!

The blackwater River is a different kind of river.I could and probably will do an entire write up on the small stretch of river that I had a chance to see over the two days of boating.Coughing up a lung,stuffed up nose,chills,strong north winds,yes go fishing.What an awesome time I had and only a few minutes down the road from my new house.I located a few ducks and geese,plenty of deer,beyond beautiful scenery and some fish.So back at work now and exhausted.Hopefully heading back north and I hope to find some time to do some in depth write ups.