Sunday, December 20, 2009

Early Winter Snow

Apparently mother nature didn't get the note that Winter has yet to start.Either way if you were on the East Coast this weekend you no doubt felt some sort of effect from the massive Nor' Easter that crept up the coast.Now back at work,I was fortunate enough not be caught out at sea during the near white out conditions and fifty mph winds.We were and still are sitting at Staten Island,New York.I was fortunate enough to get out today and try to take some pictures.Unfortunately the dude forgot to charge the camera battery.So after a brisk walk I returned to the boat and charged the battery.I then tried to resume my mission to get some nice "city pictures",request denied.The Captain felt it "unnecessary" for me to go back into town.I honestly had no other motive but to get some pictures.I'm from South East Virginia so I'm not used to seeing any snow,let alone over ten inches.So sorry everyone but you will have to settle for pictures from the boat.Have a merry ChristmaChannaKwanzaka everyone!

Monday, December 14, 2009

Time Off

Honestly my lack of posting can only be attributed to laziness.I'm not scared to say it and I'm not ashamed either.I have been off the boat for over three weeks and it has been great.The waterfowl season has been closed for a week and I have accomplished absolutely nothing except catching up on sleep and television.The first two weeks I was home brought the November waterfowl season in Virginia.As in years past I was extremely excited and I have to say I had a few decent hunts and a few not so decent hunts.Over the course of the two weeks available to hunt I was able to get a few new guys to waterfowling on birds.I was also able to get my buddy Kevin and his new water dog out which was a blast.That hunt only produced one bird but it was an awesome all day experience I will not soon forget.I was able to get out for six hunts and all of them at the least we had birds work our spread.I shot poorly on a few hunts and I also made a few awesome shots I had no business taking.My extended time off the boat is due to weather and my lack of ambition to get back on the boat.It seems that everything may work out as I will now be due home in mid January.This may allow me to hunt the last two weeks of the Virgina waterfowl season.It should also allow me to hunt a few days in Maryland with my oldest brother, Swamp Thing.Hopefully I will have a chance to use my new layout blind that has been sitting in my living room for three months staring me in the face.Back to work this evening,enjoy the pictures and merry Christmas everybody!