Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Rain Rain Wind and Wind

Tug New England Coast at Newport News coal pier We didn't make it far after leaving Philadelphia.A low pressure system off the Carolina's has decided not to move and to gain strength both in wind and rain.I will tell you it wasn't an easy decision for the crew to make after finding out that 15-18 foot seas awaited them off of Cape Hatteras.We took the scenic route through the C&D canal and the straight shot down the Chesapeake Bay to the Newport News general anchorage off the coal piers.It seems that tomorrow will be the worst day with 35-45 m.p.h winds and about an inch of rain.At the anchorage we shouldn't have any problems,as long as the barge anchor holds.Hopefully after the low pressure moves out late Friday we can go down the coast to Wilmington N.C. and then on to Georgia.Then it shall be a glorious day because it's crew change day next Wednesday or Thursday.I'm looking forward to a planned camping trip with some friends on the Chickahominy River.Also the four day October hunt will hopefully co-operate so I can get in the groove of hunting out of a boat as opposed to solid ground.

Sunday, September 21, 2008


Just a small note.We will be headed to North Carolina tomorrow so I will not be able to update the blog for a few days.I also just put it together that I will be home for the four day duck hunt in October,SAWEET!It seems I overlooked that fact when viewing the upcoming season.If my assumptions are correct after our visit to North Carolina we will be heading to Georgia and then Florida and then I may go home a few days early because I can,so ha.I will be back in contact in a few days.

Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Bye Albany

Seems like I won't be going back to Albany any time soon,on a tug at least.Here is what happened after the grounding.We took the barge over and three of the members of the grounded tug came on to ours,which made it a tad crowded.We have six bunk rooms with two bunks in each so just about everyone was sharing a room.Thankfully that only lasted a few days until we got relieved.They were good crew members it's just to many people on a tug at one time.So after we took the barge from Albany to N.Y.C. and got relieved,we returned to the Penn Maritime Dock and took our barge down to Philadelphia.Then when we arrived here we got the word that we would be switching out barges at the anchorage overnight with a Penn tug.After that barge is loaded in Philadelphia we are to be bound for Wilmington,N.C.

So as you can see just about the time I get bored of sitting at a dock waiting for a job,it gets entirely to busy and I want a break.Crew change tomorrow,but not for me.Three members are going home and two are coming on.In other words it's only going to get busier.That's fine though as far as I'm concerned we can stay busy until October 1,that's my crew change day.On a side note I have some great pictures of Albany,when I get some time I will upload them.

Saturday, September 13, 2008

The Unforgiving River

After we apparently overstayed our welcome at dock something very unusual happened,we had to go to work.It's always an unfortunate event when a tugboat goes aground.There are always a million questions everyone asks themselves,why,how and most importantly who.It's a relief when you find out noone died or was injured and only minor damage was done.So far here is what the evil train of tugboat gossip has told us.Yesterday evening a hard rain set in just south of Albany,New York.When this happened a tug and 90,000 barrel barge,which was empty,were headed north,destination Albany.Needless to say they didn't quite make it.During the rain visibility was near zero and wash off was terrible.When trying to round a sharp corner the barge got set,meaning pushed away from where it was being steered due to either tide or run off,probably a combination.Next thing they knew bang scrape and they were stuck.Now usually when someone gets grounded it's the barge that's stuck,not this time.Since the barge was empty,the tug was drawing more water than the barge,around 12-15 feet,depending on how much fuel water and waste oil is on board.So any who we got the call to head north and lend a hand.It took a good twelve hours to get here and when we did the local tug boaters had the tug and barge free and they amazingly docked the barge with no trouble.I won't name drop on what company the grounding is affiliated with I will only say it wasn't ours.The Coast Guard is involved,as is standard procedure,and it looks like the divers have put the tug out of commission for the time being.All we have heard so far is that the keel coolers are busted on the port side however the divers have only been in the water a few minutes.We have been informed that yup you guessed it now we are in command of the barge.Once we get allowed to get close to the tug I will try and snap some pictures of any damage if I can see any,my guess is that it's all underwater.The Hudson River is a beautiful river,but with a snake like winding rocky bottom only a hundred yards wide in spots it is very unforgiving.

Sunday, September 7, 2008

Hanging Out

Brooklyn Bridge
Well after the tropical storm of nothing but rain we are still standing by.Yeah I know it's exciting.With the exception of a few assist jobs it's mostly the same routine everyday.Last word was our Canada trip has been postponed until later in the month.So in other words who knows when or where we will end up next.

Wednesday, September 3, 2008

N.Y.C. Baby! Part 2

well here I am again,back at work.When I showed up to the boat I brought along with me a few hundred insect bites I accumulated while duck scouting with my brother.I'm a little itchy,I look like I have mumps and people think it's acne.We brought the barge up from Philadelphia and dropped it at Perth Amboy.The word is we will be bringing the barge back to the shipyard and sitting at the dock for a few days,not my favorite thing to do.Then last I heard we were heading to Canada.Well I'm itchy so I'm going to go scratch,here are a few pics.