Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Bye Albany

Seems like I won't be going back to Albany any time soon,on a tug at least.Here is what happened after the grounding.We took the barge over and three of the members of the grounded tug came on to ours,which made it a tad crowded.We have six bunk rooms with two bunks in each so just about everyone was sharing a room.Thankfully that only lasted a few days until we got relieved.They were good crew members it's just to many people on a tug at one time.So after we took the barge from Albany to N.Y.C. and got relieved,we returned to the Penn Maritime Dock and took our barge down to Philadelphia.Then when we arrived here we got the word that we would be switching out barges at the anchorage overnight with a Penn tug.After that barge is loaded in Philadelphia we are to be bound for Wilmington,N.C.

So as you can see just about the time I get bored of sitting at a dock waiting for a job,it gets entirely to busy and I want a break.Crew change tomorrow,but not for me.Three members are going home and two are coming on.In other words it's only going to get busier.That's fine though as far as I'm concerned we can stay busy until October 1,that's my crew change day.On a side note I have some great pictures of Albany,when I get some time I will upload them.

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