Friday, June 19, 2009

Back Home

the nutty professor with a White Perch caught at Blackwater Creek
Well after fishing a few different lakes and ponds in Northern Virginia it was time to return home.Once home I realized I still had a little over a week worth of free time before I was due back on the boat.Since all the rivers on the East Coast have been taking a relentless beating from weeks worth of rain,lakes and ponds were my best bet for fishing.Fish I did!Taking the small original S.S Gut Runner out to another spot on the inter coastal waterway,the Nutty Professor and I made a day of it.Going to a new recreational spot is always an adventure.Especially when towing a boat and not knowing what condition the ramp is in.Fortunately everything went smooth at 6 in the morning and we caught a few fish with no problems.I will definitely be returning to Blackwater Creek later this summer.More for a scouting trip then for fishing.It seems to be an excellent wood duck spot.

Over the last few days I have fished some local spots that I haven't visited for years.After fishing them I realized why I had not been there in years,they are all over fished.I had minimal success and never left without catching some sort of fish.Hey anything from a bluegill to a chain pickerel,it kept me from getting skunked and that's all that matters.I just need to justify why I got up at 5 in the morning.I was due back to work this Thursday but was granted a few extra days off that I didn't ask for.It seems that my boat finally has a job and I will be returning to work Monday morning.Maybe my next post will actually involve something interesting at work.It has just dawned on me that over the last few weeks I have fished just about every other day.Well I'm sure when I get home in mid July the weather won't be cooperating like it has over the last few weeks.


Swamp Thing said...

Yarrgh, yee old tasty white perch

{nUtTyPrOfFeSsOr} said...

That creek is full of life though- can't wait to fish it again!