Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Take a Deep Breath

towing the ST-805 US Army tug
I'm back at work,hooray.When it was all said and done I was only kept home 3 extra days.I really got lucky that a small job popped up for the tug I normally work on.It was an easy one but I was glad to have the opportunity.We left Maryland June 22 bound for Skiffes Creek on the James River.Interesting enough that's where ol t-dawg started his tug career right on Skiffes Creek.It was strange going back there but it was only to pick up an Army tug and tow it to South Carolina.So we arrived June 24 hooked up to her and towed her rusty ass right out of the slip.This tug has been sitting in the slip since before I started going past the Army base towing rock over five years ago.Seriously it has never moved.So you may be thinking it's going to get scrapped,you would be wrong.We hauled it down the coast and into Denton Shipyard in South Carolina.After a quick turn around we arrived back in the shipyard in Maryland this past Monday.Beautiful weather,awesome salt breeze and damn it felt good to be off the coast and towing something.So that's it,the can of beans.Now it's more barge/boat/shipyard work.I'm not complaining as long as the checks don't start bouncing.Hopefully I can get some fishing in over the holiday weekend after work of course.

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