Thursday, July 30, 2009

Get Your Dredge On

It was only a matter of time before they found us a contract.I knew deep down they would eventually get sick of dealing with us.That time has come,thankfully.Well I say thankfully but with the coming of a contract means the coming of the "trouble".The contract has already been pushed back a few times but I have it from good sources that we leave this weekend.Dredging isn't my first choice of work on a tug but after being in the sun 9 hours a day for the last 30 plus days,I will take what they give me.It shouldn't be the worst dredge job ever.We are scheduled to tow the dredge scows from the base of the Coleman Bridge on the York River to an offshore site.I'm thinking round trip from the dredge to the dump site back to the dredge should be between 6-8 hours.That's a good thing because we were asked if we could do it with only one deckhand.Answer,HELL YEAH,the dude can do it.So there we go,it may be a long last few weeks but I've handled worse.


Swamp Thing said...

bustin' makes me feel goooood!

{nUtTyPrOfFeSsOr} said...

huh huh, you've "handled" worse