Sunday, August 23, 2009

Done and Done

Oh no a dredge scow,run away!

The Yorktown Monument in beautiful "downtown" Yorktown,Virginia

I've done it,yes it's over.Well for a few weeks it's over anyway.My sixty days on the boat us officially over.The last few weeks seemed to drag out like I was a four year old waiting for Christmas morning.The dredge job in the York River could possibly be over by the time I'm due back,but I will worry about that when I get there.I can't stay on the boat my whole life.The money is good but it's not my only interest in life.So I leave today for a short trip to Maryland to see one of the usual suspects and do a bit of fishing.I'm looking forward to the upcoming week as well.I will be picking up the new boat motor as well in mid week.The other usual suspect,Nutty Professor,is on the schedule to help me put the new Northern Flight blind on the boat around mid week.I'm very excited and I hope it all falls in place because next Monday our early September goose,aka park goose season,opens.I have never hunted this season and if it doesn't get below ninety degrees I may not hunt it this year either.I also have a relaxation trip set for the mountains at the end of the week.So what I'm saying is I will be taking some more interesting pictures in the next week and will be doing a review of Cabela's Northern Flight blind in the next week so look for some new posts.

Monday, August 10, 2009

A Storm on the Horizon

Well as I sit down and try to concentrate I find myself with an awesome headache.As many of you know we started a new contract a little over a week ago.Also many of you know that I am once again the only deck help on the tug.As the company tries to train an army of engineers the deck department suffers.It's hard not to worry about things falling apart when I'm the only one around to pick up the pieces and put them back together.We have spent all Summer painting and fixing the boat and it has taken less than a week on the dredge job to annihilate it.Besides I really don't have the time to worry about that when every six hours it's either time to make up or break down from the tug or put the empty scow alongside the dredge.So I'm looking forward to my time off but it seems I won't be "home" for much of it.I plan on doing a bit of traveling as is the usual I suppose.Sorry I haven't been updating on a usual basis but my only time to sit down is offshore and the Internet has yet to reach there.Ten days left out of sixty,I can do this!Ah yes and the above picture is of an approaching rain squall on the Chesapeake Bay.