Wednesday, January 12, 2011

24 Hours in a Day

Not joking,worlds largest Marine Travelift
I swear I just need a little more time!It's been a very hectic month or so and I just can't seem to find the time to write,relax or even think.I'm sure everyone else has this problem on a daily basis but it's a new thing for me and I hate it.I can always find/make some time for myself.As an example,I usually bring three books of around 300 pages a piece to the boat for a thirty day hitch.I usually run out of reading material with a week left.This hitch with a week left to go,I have read a little over 100 pages.So now that I have explained myself,let me try and summarize what I have been doing and what I hope to be doing this time next week.Here we go,keep your hats on and hold on.

I asked for a boat transfer it was granted

I worked on a new boat for 4 days and got transferred to a cement barge for training

I was extremely upset over this transfer but dealt with it because I have financial responsibilities

I worked on the cement barge for a few weeks

I got transferred to another boat

I was excited as anyone at work could be

The boat went to the shipyard for routine maintenance

By this time next week the ducks and geese in Southeast Virginia have reason to be scared

So there it is and I'm out of time.I got to take a trip up the Hudson to the Catskills,unfortunately it was to a cement dock.The view was awesome but I didn't have time to enjoy it.I will try and do everything possible except force myself to write more often this year.Not because I think people want to read it,because I need to get it off of my mind and out on paper or laptop.Take care and I hope everyone had a great Holiday Season!

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Swamp Thing said...

Ahhhh. Dave B's mom is a Colonna. And that whole Holly Point / Kings Grant area was all Colonnas....always wondered where that money came from.