Thursday, April 7, 2011

Black Gold!

Man Camp 2010

No wait,that's oil,this is coal.Well it seems I have been put on the infamous coal run of the Chesapeake Bay.Running from Newport News, Va. to Baltimore has definitely been more of the same.One of the good things is I know where I will be from day to day and I don't have to go offshore and get hammered by all types of weather.It's extremely hard physical work that keeps you up for days without any real sleep schedule.It's a get it when you can kind of run and I like it,for now.I'm sure this Summer when the coal is sandblasting me in the face and sticking to every part of my body I will have a change of heart.Just wanted to give everyone an update that I have not forgotten to post,just been a bit busy.Next week it's go time for Man Camp 2011!

This brings me to a little quick something I wanted to point out about my self.I'm getting old,like using my brain to make decisions instead of the amount of beer I have consumed.Man Camp is next permitting.Yes,I know,my friends will surely haggle me to death if I cancel over a little rain but hear me out.Next week the forecast has gone from sunny and 8- to rainy and 50 and back again.So trying to keep everyone in the loop I let it be known that if it rains the Dude will not be attending.This went over like a turd in the prom punch bowl,not cool.The reality is I have responsibilities,oh crap I said it,I hate that damn word.It's true,I'm ,oh no here it come again,growing up,noooooo!it's just part of life and I'm trying to deal with it,unsuccessfully.Sitting in a tent,with 40 mph wind gusts,rain coming sideways and catching a cold isn't my idea of fun.Neither is getting estimates for gutters,or cleaning out the ditches but they have to be done.I really do hope the weather participates for a few days so i can get out and have some fun with the crew.If it doesn't then a long line of yearly camping trips comes to an end and I will have nobody to blame but mother nature.

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The Downeast Duck Hunter said...

Your forecast sounded like our duck opener in central Maine last fall, let's hope for some more agreeable weather in the days to come...