Thursday, August 25, 2011

The Dude is 200!

For the record I am not cool with the storm track

So I reached a small milestone in blogging,200 posts.Many of my posts have been short and sour,that's how I roll.So let me say thanks for hanging in,checking in and dealing with everything that makes this blog what it is,not much.Now on a much more serious note,let's talk about this hurricane situation.I have been doing some checking in on others blogs and see that there area some lists of what to have and what to do,etc.The following will be the Dudes rules for hurricane preparedness.

Rule one don't be an idiot-Sounds like common sense but this is how the majority of people die.Hurricane party?Not the best idea until after the storm has passed in my opinion.Don't drive during the storm.Don't try and cross that road that now looks like a creek,believe me the water is hauling ass.Don't paddle your boat down the street,the water is more than likely heading to a larger body of water and guess what even if you have arms like Thor you won't paddle your way out of it,you will die.Seriously use your damn head.

Rule numero 2-just be prepared.There are so many helpful lists on line and if you haven't had to survive in the woods or without electricity and running water for a week lately you should check them out.You need water,bottled and plenty of it.Fill up all of you gas containers.I mean your vehicles,your chain saw,your generator and everything else that legally holds gas.Without electricity you get no gas plain and simple.Canned foods,duh you gotta eat.If you are going to leave,I suggest you do so 48 hours before the storm hits.If you live in a major city it will take you this long to get West or North out of the path of the storm.There are plenty of other things you need so if you can't figure out what they are go online and check or ask a neighbor over the age of 60 who has lived through plenty of these storms.There is a reason they are still alive,they know how to handle the situation.

Rule 3-prep and insurance claim.Yes a naughty,disturbing thought I know.I'm a new home owner and this is what I did.I called my insurance company,yesterday,and asked what I would need in the case I needed to file a claim.They were nice enough to email a list of paperwork,phone numbers etc.I took pictures,date and time stamped of all my property.House,boat,trucks,shed,trees,roof every damn thing.This way if something were to happen all I have to do is say well here is what it looked like,let's get it back to there,pay the man.

Rule 4-be fluid.By this I mean you may have to run and fast.Hurricanes are ever changing and even with current technology it is not even close to an exact science trying to predict these storms.So if what they forecast for your area quickly changes you may also have to change your plan.I understand this goes against rule number one but you may have to leave.Not necessarily the area but your house.You may find a tree on your house but your garage or shed untouched,move there.Have your supply kit ready to move with you,in fact make up multiple supply kits for quick get aways.Be ready to assist a neighbor.Many of my neighbors are elderly and I'm not suggesting trying to be a hero,but you may have to step up your game.I could write short book on what to do and what not to do,but this is my primary rule,BE FLUID!
I hope that pine tree is still there 3 days from now
Rule 5-be ready for the calm after the storm.So you made it through the flooding,trees being up rooted,roads being washed out etc.Now you have no power,clean water or anything else and your house is in ruins.I hope this doesn't happen to anyone but it will.So if you do what every news agency has been telling you to do for the last week and get prepared or leave then you should be fine for 5-7 days.The last major hurricane that came through southern Virginia was Isabel,almost ten years ago.We were without power for 8 days,it took a toll but we made it.We banded together what we had and we made it.I lived in a decent sized city then,now I live a little of the beaten path and it could take much longer to get power back so I'm prepared.

So that's my advice,take it,leave it,put it together with others and be safe.So what am I going to do?Well 48 hours from now we are expecting sustained category 1 winds for 8-12 hours with gust over 100 mph.I plan on staying in my house unless god forbid a pine tree decides to lay down on it.Supplies have been acquired and yes my firearms are loaded so should anyone decide to try and loot anywhere in my area I won't hesitate to stand up with my neighbors and defend what is rightfully ours and definitely not yours.Should no property damage be incurred and the power goes out I will throw some fishing tackle in the truck and head West out of the hurricane zone.


The Reverend Fowl ™ said...

I got a “Cobra Power Pack” for Christmas. This has a 120 volt outlet, USB charger, 12 volt cigarette lighter socket thingy, jumper cables, and built-in L.E.D. flood-light. Great for storms. We also have a waterproof cell phone with built in modem (Casio).

Rabid Outdoorsman said...

Short and sour! LOL!

Congrats on reaching 200 buddy!

tugboatdude said...

Yes Rev that's what I call being prepared!

Thanks for checking in Rabid!