Monday, September 12, 2011


LONG LIVE AMERICA!Don't ever forget what it took to make this country the greatest country on Earth.I was planning to upload a video as a semi tribute to 9/11 however the video is to large.So I urge you to go to youtube and look up Boatlift,an untold tale of resilience.It's not just another make you cry video.It's a video that looks at the massive evacuation that took place after the towers collapsed.So watch the video and take a minute to remember.

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Map Monkey said...

Hey, Tuggy, that was great! Here's the actual link if anyone wants to see it:
This is a little-known piece of the history of 9-11, and even I (who lived downtown and one block from the Hudson River at that time) never realized that it was the largest sea evacuation ever. Thanks for bringing it to our attention. It's amazing to me how many stories there are of that day about "ordinary" people stepping up to help others.
I have no doubts that if you had been there that day with your tugboat, you would have been one of the rescuers.