Saturday, October 15, 2011

Wood Duck Take 1

Opening morning Blackwater Swamp, Va

A few long days at work,a few technical difficulties with some new interface on here but I'm back and ready to blog.Last week I was lucky enough to be able to hunt during Virginia's early duck season and I made the most of it.After spending a few days before the season scouting I have to admit I was a little down in the dumps about my chances of bagging any birds.I do my research,I wake up pre dawn off season and get out there trying to locate my game.Most of the time I end up with little or no leads.I have been struggling to broaden my scope and spread out in search of ducks.The decision was made last month after the fiasco with some hunting "friends" and some misplaced waterfowl blinds.I wouldn't say I gave up,I just chose to move on.So during one of my outings to a nearby boat ramp I met a fella,who introduced me to another fella and so on and so on.It was really just perfect timing as he was coming in from building a stationary duck blind way up river.I was amazed to see that not only was he near my age,he was just as excited about bird hunting as I was.I knew this was what I needed,a local,my age with the same ridiculous obsession that I have,waterfowl hunting.

Boat Hide,looks good now and I hope it stays that way

Over the next few days we exchanged emails,then phone calls then we drank and told stories.I learned quickly he was a local as were the three others in his duck hunting crew.The opener quickly approached on Thursday and they all had to work but I was dead set on going so I did.Upon arriving at the dock at 5 AM I noticed another trailer in the parking lot.Odd in deer country in October.At the boat ramp sat what would become another hunting friend.We quickly exchanged numbers and he went to his spot and I to mine.Neither of us did much good that first morning,only a few wood ducks sighted.I lost a mojo wing but enjoyed the sunrise,oops.Later that afternoon my phone rang and it was quickly established that everyone I had met over the last few days knew each other.Yes it's a small town full of deer hunters so when a new duck hunter shows up the word spreads apparently.Later that afternoon we all met at the boat ramp to take a boat ride.They took me all through the swamp,showing me places that hold birds at different times of the season.Showing me roosts,good places to set up depending on wind and places not to hunt,aka private property.I couldn't believe this!A few guys I met at the boat ramp,who barely knew me,were taking me around showing me where to start my search for birds.When I asked they simply said,you look like an honest dude.The next morning we made plans on trying a new spot,way up in the marsh.I planned on hunting everyday,I knew this was my year for a drake wood duck.The question is,could I hit one?

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