Sunday, November 13, 2011

New to Me Waterfowl Product Review

A new waterfowl season means new products.Not necessarily new products to the industry but new in my bag of tricks.This year I have picked up a few,hopefully,key products that will help make me a better watefowler.On the list I have the Rig 'Em Right jerk rig,Winchesters new waterfowl ammo,"Blindside",Ace Decoy anchors and the Edge Quiver Magnet H2O.The main Waterfowl season doesn't open until next Saturday but that doesn't mean these products can't be inspected before being field tested.So let's start with the Rig 'Em Right Jerk Rig.

Let me start this out with a general disclaimer.I bought these products with my hard earned money,unsolicited except by advertising.If these products stink I will most definitely let you know.Now on with the show!The Rig 'Em right Jerk Rig boasts to be a "so compact it fits in a coat pocket and sets up in minutes".Jerk rigs in general are never really bulky but can be a pain to set up.

As you can see,it comes with a nifty carry pouch,gang rig clips,a hefty anchor and all the shackles needed to make this work.I was impressed at the design of the anchor,it folds up and the weight seems to be significant enough to withstand a decent amount of pull.On the directions it states a nice big warning about the bungee connecting the anchor to the jerk rig."Caution,to reduce weight and bulk,the jerk rig is not equipped with a ridged line to pull the anchor up from the bottom".It goes on to advise you dislodge the anchor with your foot before pulling up from the bottom.Hmmmmm that may be difficult because they give you five feet of bungee to anchor.So if you are in five feet of water good luck dislodging the anchor with your foot without taking a swim to do so.Staying on the bungee,check this out.

Ahh yes that is the bungee in question.Yes that is a nice fray right in the middle of it.So I'm guessing I will either be losing this anchor when the bungee breaks or I will replace the bungee with a more hefty size.This would require me to buy some bungee,that's not cool with me.So moving on past the bungee in question.The rest of the jerk line along with the gang clips,shackles and eyebolts to secure it to a blind all seem to be well above par.So I just don't understand why they would cheap out one of the key important parts of the entire set up."Reduce weight and bulk" oh come on!So next Saturday I will be in the swamp with the Rig 'Em Right Jerk Rig and I will put it through the ringer.The Rig has a MSRP of 29.99 which is pretty standard in the way of price.I will be out of the blogger office so to speak for a few days.I'm off to Louisiana to try my waterfowling luck down there.More product reviews to come in the next few weeks so stay tuned.

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