Tuesday, January 3, 2012

The End of Duck Season

I hit it hard and fast and didn't reap many rewards in the way of birds downed.Over the last two weeks I hunted every possible day except for two.As you all know the weather this Winter has been mild,even with the current cold snap we are going through.The temperatures by the end of the week will be back above normal with rain up and down the east Coast.The birds simply haven't moved from New York and Pennsylvania.Lack of snow cover and above normal temperatures will do that.I will get more in depth over the next few weeks on some amazing hunts I had this season.Not for the amount of ducks downed or even seen but for the time spent with my brothers and new found friends.It's back to work for this guy tomorrow.I hope everyone has had a great Holiday season and stay tuned for pictures and more in depth stories in the next few weeks.Thanks for tuning in!


The Reverend Fowl ™ said...

At least you bagged a Wood Duck, described historically as excellent table fare.

Most supermarkets have a frozen duck somewhere, if you dig down far enough. I am going to use all my change/coins for this so there won’t be a paper trail.

tugboatdude said...

You know it's a bad season when you return to the dock happy you bagged a drake hooded merganser.I'm still holding out hope for the extended February goose season.