Monday, January 16, 2012

A Waste of Time?

Ever see this from your couch?Didn't think so!

That seems to be the general consensus among my friends and coworkers relating to my outdoor activities.Everything from hunting and fishing,to hiking and just plain old sitting in the backyard listening to the wind.Over the last few years my financial situation has improved which has given me the opportunity to travel to outdoor destinations previously only seen in my mind.My coworkers and a good chunk of my friends see my outdoor obsession as ridiculous,a waste of time,money and spare time.I will grant them that I should take sometime to do other things,watching movies,throwing my money away at the bar,etc,etc.The problem is I see what they view as fun the exact same way they view my outdoor obsession.So how can I come to enjoy sitting in a dank theater paying 7 bucks for a soda and 12 bucks for a ticket?How do I enjoy a 9 dollar crown and coke at the bar getting lung cancer with every breath?My answer is simple,I don't care to find out and you can have it.Now stop reading useless information on the internet and get outside!

Who's an underwater basket weaver?Not this guy!

I'm 32 and the physical labor at my job makes me feel like I'm 50 most days.Inside me a little child is fueled by the energy to get outside and not waste any minute sitting on the couch.Seriously how hard is it to step outside with your morning coffee to watch the sunrise?Why would someone rather watch the morning news?I forgot,normal people don't get up at 4 am for no reason.I have been inundated with a barrage of,why the heck you wanna go sit in a boat and try to catch a fish at 6 am?You aren't starving so what's the point?Why don't you just go hunting at 11 am,why you gotta be out there at 5am?....Yes the people I work with either have a serious southern drawl or are crazy Yankees.I don't have an answer for these seeming simple questions.I usually say something like,you can't catch 'em from the couch!Or I go another route and ask them,why do you like sailing,it seems awfully gay.Why don't you just start doing flower arrangements.It doesn't really matter whether they think it's a waste of time,the question is do you?It's your spare time,you worked hard all week,month,year,life,so do what makes you happy.If you want to go bungee jumping,do it,want to climb that mountain,do it,sit on your ass and be a lazy American,don't do that please.I'm going to try and find some other things to do that aren't outdoor based.I promise there will be no wine tasting or underwater basket weaving.


Daniel said...

The look of horror on the faces of some co-workers when I show them a picture from the weekend or tell them about going out kayaking for several hours and catching fish just to let them go.
Great read, adding you to my blog roll.

tugboatdude said...

Oh yes the explanation of catch and release,almost as thrilling as the why go hunting when there is a mcdonalds down the road.Thanks for reading and I will check your blog out.