Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Bad Luck at the Best Time

One last try on the Blackwater River

If it was going to happen I would vote that it goes down in February.I came home last week,after being gone for 29 days,to an angry house.It started with a flat tire on my old Ford ranger.Easy enough,I can fix that!A few minutes later while retrieving the tools necessary to change the tire I noticed my yard was a bit mushy.As I stepped closer to the well house I heard the pump running almost non stop.Strange because I was running no water.I took the top off and bam,problemo numero dos!So I figured before I cut off the water I needed a shower.I came inside turned on the water and BAM,the shower drain is clogged,problem three.Now imagine being gone for four weeks and coming home to two minor problems and a major one.Not exactly relaxing in any way.So I made a few calls and lined up a service tech for the water pump,the leak was underground and I'm not about to go digging up the yard to find it.I may have drank a few adult beverages that evening while I changed the tire and snaked out the drain.The next morning brought very little good news financially as I was hit with the realization that Sanford and Son installed the last jet pump in my well and it was ancient.So I pulled the trigger and bought a new one,with a new tank and new plumbing.Being a homeowner has its rewards but they will cost you.So the next day I had a Canada goose hunt planned and the bad luck came with it.

Princess Anne WMA February 2012

the season for Canada geese goes until the middle of the month out by me because we are in a different population then them there coastal fellas.With liberal limits,five a day,and plenty of geese around it's hard not to go.I mean what else is there to do in February outdoors?I met my friend who called and said he had a sure thing field lined up for us.The truck was jammed packed with lay out blinds,shells and floaters.He got in and pointed me in the direction to drive.BAM!I quickly informed him where the field was lays literally on the other side of the boundary.Yes the side where the season is closed!He is a bit younger and didn't think to check things out.So I woke up at 330 am for no reason,nice.I did manage to make it out on the river,which is currently holding zero geese,and spent the morning watching wood ducks and mergansers recreate the nutcracker ballet in my goose decoys,duck season is closed of course.Today I met up and drove two hours to Princess Anne WMA to try for snow geese.I know nothing about hunting sky carp but hey it was worth a shot.We only saw a few small flocks and couldn't figure out where they were.We drove a few miles south to Mackay Island NWR and well there they were.Right next to the road and the freshly burned marsh.I love ordered burns but why would you do it on a NWR,where you can't hunt,instead of on the WMA where you can.There is a conservation order in effect for snow geese.They want us to kill these geese,why would you do that!So I may try and get my sanity back once or twice more but the way my luck is going I simply don't want to push it.If this had all gone down a month ago I may have had a problem keeping sane.Is it time for me to go back to work yet?

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