Monday, November 17, 2008

A Breakdown

Well I made it home after a few sketchy flights,damn I hate flying.It's just not natural,something that big shouldn't be in the air.I digress,looking forward to what I waited all year for.The duck season in Virginia opened up last Saturday and talking to a few friends in the area and a few online DU buddies it seems that things are looking up.A cold front roared through the area this past Saturday,taking temperatures from the mid 70's to around 50 for a high.I know up North it's much cooler,heck it's down right cold up North,but I will take what I can get.I plan on heading a little West of Richmond Virginia to take up an offer to hunt with a few people on some private land.Another cold front is coming through the area Tuesday morning and that's our plan is to be out there in it.Hopefully we will have some success and my shooting won't embarrass as I have never hunted with these "Westerners" before.Later this week I plan on heading up to the Chickahominy and busting a few geese and ducks if my luck and the weather holds.On Sunday I head up to see Swamp Thing in Maryland.We have a few hunts planned next Monday and Tuesday,one with Black Duck Outfitters.Well that's the plan for week one.Week two promises to be just as exhausting but I can rest when I get back to work,yeah right.Stay tuned for pictures.

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