Sunday, December 21, 2008


Down the Dock on Staten Island
Froze up from the Flo' up!

Tug June K. in the N.Y.C. Harbor I just keep telling myself,it could be worse.It's not even like I'm lying to myself,because it indeed could be much worse.I don't have it that bad.I'm sitting here drinking hot chocolate browsing the internet,getting paid.Tomorrow,oh tomorrow is a different story.As everyone knows the last week or so has been quite a wintry mess for the North East.I woke up this morning knowing it would be snowing and it indeed was.I'm from Southern Virginia so at the most I get to see the white stuff 3-5 times a year.Then within a day it's 60 degrees again and it's all gone.I forget that up here,this time of year,when it starts snowing,it doesn't go away.New York City is an all around sight to be seen.But,if you add in my love for Tugboats and a nice snow storm,the city makes for a great back drop.Unfortunately when cruising around the city to a different pier where our barge was located,I didn't get a chance to take many pictures.In the N.Y.C. harbor you never,ever,ever take your eyes off of the water.It's like rush hour in Asia,but with Tugboats.It seems we will be taking a small scrap barge down to my stomping grounds in Chesapeake,Virginia.Don't worry an article is in the works for the whole transfer of trash from state to state,it mostly disgusts me.However the morning brings a sweet forecast of 24 for a high and wind chills near zero.Winds from the north,of course,gusting over 40 mph.That makes a great recipe for going offshore,not really.I'm so excited about having to stand watch on the bow of the barge while exiting the harbor tomorrow,what fun that will be.Here are a few pictures I managed to take before my fingers quit to function,enjoy.


Swamp Thing said...

Yarr, Wintry Mix. See you soon Hoss.

tugboatdude said...

Yeah dude I can't wait.The countdown is on,due off on the 5th.