Friday, December 19, 2008

Part of the Deal

The engineer was excited,I'm not feeling it

So my last few days have gone a bit like this.Wake up early,5:30,eat breakfast,work till sun down,stand generator watch until 10 shower and repeat.Unfortunately today and a few other days it has decided to rain,sleet and then rain.We are in the shipyard getting the exhaust manifold repaired on the port main engine.It leaks and apparently exhaust fumes can be deadly,who knew.So as the shipyard mechanics repair the manifold the crew tries to stay busy.Now if everyone remembers we were in the shipyard for over a week this Summer and it was utterly boring.No problem because this time we haven't had a chance to breathe.Fixing everything from plumbing problems,AKA poo poo piping ,to drain pipes to lifting anything that ways over and up to a few hundred pounds.I tried my hand at welding again,that was a waste of time but I now know for certain I can't do it.We are scheduled to get underway Saturday morning,bound for New York.Oh joyous fun I'm excited.Let's go freeze!It's all part of the deal anyway.I don't get to much snow in my neck of the woods so seeing it for a few weeks won't kill me.I'm just not excited about the strong North winds that come along with snow storms,again just part of the line of work.


{nUtTyPrOfFeSsOr} said...
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{nUtTyPrOfFeSsOr} said...

Welding is an art, it takes a lot of breaking eggs to make an omlette too. Fixing plumbing problems is not as fun as working on the pirated seas either!

Try out this Concorde song to cheer you up:

"You call it premature, I call it ecstacy. I wear a rubber all the time now, it's a neccesity!"

tugboatdude said...

Hmmmmm it says I deleted a comment but I didn't,so who did?