Thursday, January 29, 2009

Rhode Island,Providence to be exact

Thanks Mr.Assist boat,really,thanks for that

Just a quick note and a few photos.I got shipped back to the land of frozen aka the North East to get back on my regular boat.I was glad in a way but sad to leave behind near 70 degree temperatures in North Carolina.We had a bit of destruction done to our barge by an assist boat today.I managed to get a few pictures right after it happened.I will go into depth with this in the next few days.

A definite WTF situation


Swamp Thing said...

That's awesome. Because, y'all had nothing ELSE to do but weld back on a steel guardrail post.

tugboatdude said...

HAHA yeah right,to bad it's not our barge and we didn't damage it.Stay tuned for the details,I have to wait for the smoke to clear before I can post pics of the boat on here.