Thursday, January 1, 2009


SOOOOOO how bout those Hokies?I don't have much of a topic left to talk on.There are only a few days left in my "tour" and to be honest we haven't "toured" anything.As of today it's been twelve days of sitting at the dock in New York.Of course we are still getting paid and the on watch duty has been extremely light due to the weather.So what's the problem,sounds pretty awesome doesn't it?NOOOOOOOO it's troublesome and nobody on board wants to talk about it.but we all are thinking it.Are our jobs in danger?Now for some who have over 10 years with the company,no there jobs aren't in danger.To tell you the truth the rest of us could be fine.We aren't about to start asking the office about it!I do have a leg up in that I'm needed on the boat if it is to go offshore.Problem is,we need a job first!CALM DOWN TUGBOATDUDE,just CALM DOWN!I'm good,no problems here..........Moving on,for Christmas one of my shipmates bought me a duck that grows as it is soaked in water.I know it sounds lame,but I find much enjoyment in the fact that it has taken three days for it to grow to full size.That's three days I killed so far,just by watching a duck grow.Yes I am losing it.Hopefully when I get home next Monday the "boat mechanic" I dropped my boat off with four weeks ago will have finished it so I can get out,do some scouting and put some birds to sleep.So yeah,Happy New Year!


Swamp Thing said...

Well, just be thankful that you are not Steam Boat Willie Marine Works LLC, those guys are crazy busy. I heard it even took them 4 weeks to rebuild a carburator on a 25hp Johnson!

Crazy busy!

tugboatdude said...

HAHAHA to bad they haven't even ordered the parts yet.He told me it would be ready by Tuesday,which is a day later than I told him I needed it back.If I don't get it back by next Wednesday then I have a problem.That would mess up my hunting plans,so yeah that would be a problem.Oh well nothing I can do about it while stuck on a boat in NYC.