Friday, September 18, 2009

A Cruise Ship to a Matchbox

That's what it feels like anyway.After being kept home for a few days past my time off I am finally back to work.It seemed like an eternity,waking up everyday trying to figure out when I was going back to work.Well that's all over,for now,and I must say I'm glad.I'm not glad to have this awesome head cold/sinus thing and not have access to a doctor.No big deal I have survived worse.So my normal boat has been jobless since the end of last month and I was told I just needed to wait for something to pop up.So I did a bit of hunting with my extra time off and got pissed off my schedule got ruined for this upcoming hunting season.But without a job I wouldn't have the opportunities to hunt and fish in the manner that I currently do.So after six extra days home I got the called and was offered work which I accepted.Unfortunately I went from the biggest boat in the fleet,my normal boat,to the smallest one,ouch.Being on here really reminds me of when I first started working on tugs almost six years ago.Small tugs,small engines,strange crew,interesting jobs.In all seriousness everyone on board,all three people,have accepted me and have tried to make it as normal as possible.It's a hard thing to do when you open your bunk room door and it hits the door to the head.So there it is,back to work dredging in Baltimore,Md.It's good to be back,now I just need to kick this cold.

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