Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Early Fall Outdoor Activities

So it's been a hectic few weeks home,but it has all been worth it.We got the boat blind on which wasn't nearly as big of a pain as I thought it would be.The blind went together good,the instructions were adequate however we did run into a few problems.One was the lack of hardware.We were a few bolts and nuts short but that was remedied by a quick run to Lowe's.The hardware that came with it was not exactly to par but we used it and it should hold up for a season or so depending on the amount of salt water it encounters.The zip ties they give you are cheap and I had to purchase some outdoor heavy duty ones.Besides that it looks great and is easy to operate and not to heavy.The following day I headed to the mountains for a little rest and fishing.I was lucky enough to have some decent weather and caught some nice smallmouth,red eye and two rainbow trout.Those were my first and second wild,not stocked,trout caught on artificial bait.All hail the black rooster tail!This Tuesday was out early September Goose opener and I was lucky enough to get out.The weather was great,low 70's Northeast wind and plenty of birds.I missed the X by about 60 yards but we were still able to pick up a few birds.Today we will try again.I'm looking forward to a few nice hunts in shorts before the weather turns cold and the real waterfowl hunting begins in November.


{nUtTyPrOfFeSsOr} said...

Honk Honk- don't get up if we are still shootin' over your head!

tugboatdude said...

Yeah that was a first and last for the boat,no more of that crap