Wednesday, October 20, 2010

The End in Sight?

That seems to be the big question.In a maritime world that is ever changing,along with an economy that continues to flounder have we reached the bottom yet?If I was a betting man I would say, well that depends .It depends much on how harsh of a winter we have coupled with how interested America stays in the clean up of the Gulf Oil spill.Follow me for a second and maybe I can get through to you.Everyone knows about the gulf oil spill,everyone knows it has put many fisherman,shrimpers,beach resorts financially in a bad way.Everyone also knows that it has employed many merchant marines,created government jobs,etc.Unfortunately whatever "good" has come from it will soon turn out horribly wrong.See all those jobs are temporary and unfortunately America has forgotten that millions of barrels of oil are still floating around in limbo in the Gulf Of Mexico,thanks chemical dispersant.Out of sight out of mind,right?Wrong,damn it it will eventually get caught in the currents and make it's way to a beach near you.It may take years but you will see it and it will have some effect on your personal life,mark my words.

So the Gulf is "clean" again,see above,and the permits to clean it up are all running out.Problem numero uno as I see it.Why the hell do we need permits to clean up spilled oil?So the permits run out and all the temporary jobs come to an end.Fortunately for merchant seaman involved Winter is right around the corner and I'm serious this will make or break us part one.If we have a harsh Winter you cold Americans in your warm houses need heating oil and lots of it!We the nice people of the inland and coastal waterways are proud to give it to you at an exorbitant price mind you,but you understand it's just business.Bottom line,if you get cold we stay employed so crank the heat up would you.That brings us to Spring time.

Yes I know it is months away but I'm a professional worrier and I worry about the future.Odd that just a few years ago I didn't care if the sun came up the next day.So it's Spring time,the Gulf is clean,the oil didn't make it to the East Coast,you got cold and kept me employed,thanks world for cooperating.Now all the Gulf coast fisherman can get back to work and catch all those shrimp and blue crabs so the state of Maryland can fee the tourists.This leads them to get off the tugboats they came to this Summer and frees up positions for me to move on with my career.It all sounds so simple,so what could go wrong.

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open ur eyes- time is the distance.