Tuesday, March 15, 2011

A Wicked Wind

Everything is going great,I'm off the boat,my father is recuperating from surgery well,I arrive at my house for the first time in two weeks and I get this sinking feeling that something is wrong.It was ten at night as I walked into the back yard and discovered this mess.
Oh but wait it gets better!Not only did the boat get flipped off the trailer in high winds but the axle decided to stay at ground level while the trailer frame followed the boat.
So what's the damage?broken leaf springs is all the damage this fiasco caused.Unfortunately the trailer,which I bought new in 2006,was due for a bit of maintenance.I figured if I was going into this I might as well do it all and do it right.So after driving around eighty miles between five different stores I ended up with leaf springs,a handful of stainless steel bolts and lock nuts,wood screws for the bunk boards,PB Blaster penetrating catalyst which is my new best friend.Now I'm not sure how many of you own a boat trailer but I'm assuming if you do then this is childsplay to you.Me on the other hand has never done any of this by myself,however I have done all of it with help before.Let me say saltwater does wonders to any and all metal.Even with breaker bars and butane torches,I ended up breaking out a grinder with a cutting wheel to disperse one bolt.Not sure why I didn't do that to all the rusty bolts but live and learn I suppose.So after a day and a half labor and running around,80 dollars and my trailer is like new.
All in one piece and my mind set at ease,it was time for the maintenance that was scheduled for this spring.Lights and wheel bearings were on the menu and even though late in the day,I knew I needed to do it so the trailer would be ready to go.The lights weren't to much of a problem with the trailer already upside down everything was in my face and easy to get to.The bearings,well the bearings,yeah the bearings.I figured the trailer,which I rarely use,would leave the bearings to be in good shape.How incorrect I was!Sitting with my face by the hub cap and popping it off was my first mistake.Brown water and goo went everywhere and continued to drip out of the bearing.Bad news folks these bearings are trash,good news I have everything in my shed to fix them.So with daylight leaving me I hunkered down and cleaned out and repacked the bearings.Funny thing about it,after I was all done,I sat that and looked at it.I thought,the last time I used this trailer was over a year ago,why am I keeping it.Is it because it was my first boat and trailer?Is it because it's paid for and nice to have a backup?Maybe by next year I will be able to let go of it,but I doubt it.On another note my brother came down from Maryland with his wife and my nephew.Both my brothers and I had a great afternoon fishing trip on my local river so stay tuned for that post.As always thanks for reading and get outdoors!

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The Downeast Duck Hunter said...

So many people put so much emphasis on the boat and believe that trailers are always fine. I've got my own set of repairs planned for my trailers this spring, good post and enjoy the spring season.