Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Early Spring

Typically for the Mid Atlantic region we should still be dealing with feet of snow and gale force winds.Thanks to my furry friend it seems Spring has come early,or maybe not.I'm a bit of a weather nerd,I won't hide that from anyone.As a child I seriously contemplated becoming a weatherman until I discovered how much math was involved.At work in North Carolina and I have been watching the weather closely.I have been waiting for Winter to rush back in,however it seems the East Coast may be getting an early out from our contract with mother nature.The weather in Southeast Virginia over the next few weeks shows typical early spring conditions.One day near 70 the next 45 with 30 mph winds followed by three days of rain.The area needs the rain but not all at once.Being addicted to the outdoors means having a general understanding of ever changing weather conditions at the very least.The best way to ruin a good day outdoors is to be caught in a fast approaching cold front with the wrong gear.So I may be home again next week and looking forward to any break in the rain to go try my hand at fishing again.I would like to think I will be home for the entire spring bass spawn but that requires luck.Stay tuned and in the meantime,get outside and make the best of the day.


The Downeast Duck Hunter said...

One year ago, there was next to no ice on the lakes... this year, we've got feet.

With a morning temperature of 20 degrees, I can not be convinced that spring is alive and well in Maine.

So if you choose to send some warmer air up north, please do so for I'm ready for a new season...


Swamp Thing said...

Yeah, I think it's broken down here. It's not "warm" but it's as warm as it was last April.

More importantly, it's not 20 degrees, like it was from Dec 1 to Feb 1 this winter.

Growing season here doesn't start for another 6-7 weeks but we're getting there!

tugboatdude said...

from where the temps were two weeks ago it's cooler than it was.However the daytime temps are right around normal but the night time temps have been above normal.The stripers are running up the rivers and the waters are warming up.It's almost time for SPRING BASS SPAWN!