Sunday, February 20, 2011


low water on the Blackwater River

My first attempt at black crappie and yellow perch fishing may be my last.I just simply can't stay still and just watch a bobber.The day was still a grand day on the water.I caught absolutely nothing.I did see plenty of ducks and geese.As for the usual,after the season ended the birds show up and mock me until i cry like a schoolboy that got picked last for dodgeball.I really did try,I wanted it to work.I wanted to catch a boatload of perch,eat them and be hooked on a different kind of fishing.It went the other direction.

Pair of geese,spooked up off the water

Please understand that anyone that does fish for perch,in February is pretty hardcore and I salute you for getting outdoors to enjoy nature,it's just not my idea of fun.It just falls under the same concept of fishing from a dock,I hate it.I like,scratch that,love my trolling motor.silently creeping around turns,fishing every downed tree and cypress knee.By the end of the day my tackle box is all out of sorts because I have thrown every type of lure,trying to entice that bass from under every log.I didn't discover the magic of a trolling motor until a few years ago.Being able to creep around turns and spook up wood ducks,geese,deer,turkey has given me some of the most breathtaking scenery i have ever witnessed outdoors.I very rarely even think about getting a picture because I'm amazed at what I'm seeing,it's the last thing on my mind.Until I see the deer perk up,the wood ducks screech,the geese honk.Right when I tell myself, "Don't ever forget this", that's when I think about taking a picture.By then,we all know,it's to late.Try as I might,I'm not the greatest with words.Inside my tiny skull,tucked away,is a growing file of wilderness wonders.

On a complete side note,i have to go back work and make money to pay bills,I don't understand the concept either.That being said the blog posts may slow down for a week or so until I settle into a groove on the boat and can make time.Everybody get outdoors and make some memories!


LB @ BulletsandBiscuits said...

That first picture of Blackwater River reminds me of Cypress Swamp in "lower slower" ;)

And I am with you about fishing from a boat using a trolling motor. Bank fishing and dock fishing is for the birds. I like having the options moving around, etc

tugboatdude said...

I never knew what I was missing until a few years ago.When I was a kid my pops and I used to rent a row boat at the local lakes so we never made it far.Having a reliable engine to get somewhere,away from everything except the elements is good.Having a trolling motor to ease along once there is much better