Sunday, February 13, 2011

Trout Fishing with Pops

My Dad fishing the creek

It's just everything that's right with the world.Take a little bit of of the outdoors,a little bit of outdoors and a challenge.Setting off from my parents house in southwest Va for some fishing I had no idea what was in store.We arrived at the creek with,guess this, nobody else.I understand it's February but these are trophy trout waters.Walking down to the creek we began to understand why we were alone in this endeavor,everything was frozen over.No problem little stick and stone can't help.I busted my dad a hole and scouted up the creek for some open water,it was non-existent.I returned back to see my dad gone!Alarmed I yelled his name,and a few other choice words.He was down the creek in a hole he created.We fished,talked,fished and then moved on.So I caught a rainbow trout in February.This is on my list of awesome things I have done,it's not why I'm writing this though.I'm writing this for my dad.

working his way througth,my Dad

My dad,even though he is in his early 60's,is well getting old.I love my dad,more now than I did when I was a kid.Watching him break ice with an oak limb from the woods this weekend made me appreciate the experience even that much more.he never complained,even though his waders were leaking in 30 degree water.He kept pushing me to move on to the next corner to see what was next.Watching him waist deep in 30 degree water busting ice is something I hope my other brothers get to witness.Talking with him about everything under the moon from finances to the actual moons effect on fishing was priceless.watching a bluegrass concert,drinking cheap American beer,lending my dad a lure.these are things that should be on my bucket list!I stink at putting this stuff in words,I'm much better at telling the stories,but I want my dad to know that I appreciate and look forward to these kind of unexpected times.Thanks pops!


Map Monkey said...

Nice post, Tugboatdude! I hope your dad reads this, it will cheer him up! It's always a good thing to appreciate people whilst they are here with us, especially if you can manage to let them know how you feel. and plus, you caught a trout!

tugboatdude said...

Thanks Julie,I always love spending time up there

The Downeast Duck Hunter said...

My dad was hellbent on getting out ice fishing with me last Sunday after he was given two trout caught by my youngest (her first and second ever). It's neat to read about your dad, I've had a hard time keeping my dad off the ice since he's decided that he likes ice fishing better that open water. Nice post man.