Thursday, February 10, 2011

Calling an Audible

A healthy Rainbow trout I caught last Summer
That's right me,the guy who never changes,does things by the book and still gets them wrong is calling an audible.With the late resident Canada goose season winding down locally I was ready to go back to work.The good thing here is I don't make those decisions,office people do.They decided I could use some extra time off.This would be great if I had asked for it,but rolling with the punches is what I plan to do.Being unable to track down any geese on public land I will venture West!Not very far mind you but to the Western part of Virginia on the trail of trout.I have had some luck fishing for trout in the last few years,it's a bit new to me.This "luck" was in late Spring/early Summer and I'm guessing the feeding patterns are quite a bit different this time of year.No worries I plan on taking very little with me and planning absolutely nothing.It seriously hurts me thinking about it.I only hope the water isn't to high and the fish are hungry.This is a big change for me and either it will be an epic experience or a complete disaster.

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Map Monkey said...

Good luck, Tugboatdude!