Wednesday, May 25, 2011

A Perfect Day

yes it's a Chevy,I know

2011 Yankees

100 mph fastball by the one and only Mariano Rivera

The old saying,when it's good it's great,has been stuck in my head over the last few weeks.My highly anticipated,by me,trip to Maryland to watch the Yankees play went as the saying goes.More on this part of the last few weeks in a moment.Let's flip the script for a second,when it's bad it only gets worse.I have been on the look out for a used small 4 wheel drive truck for the last few months.I have done my research and I have test driven,drove,whatever,way to many trucks.I found a few that I liked but wasn't willing to pay what they were asking,so I kept looking.I took a drive 80 miles north and found a vehicle that I settled for,first mistake.It's a nice truck,with a powerful motor,4 wheel drive bla bla bla.The key was it was in my price range and everything SEEMED to be in good working order so I bought it.The next day I took it up the road to have it checked out,yes after I purchased it.My father is reading this and now wants to slap me.I never do stupid crap with my money,EVER.So the short of it,1600 dollars worth of repairs,300 reimbursed from dealer so I'm out 1300 and change.The vehicle that was in my price range quickly went out of my price range.So I got the truck back the day I came back to work and literally have not driven it but for 7 miles.All I know is that damn truck better be solid as a rock and do what I need it to do.It's my first Chevrolet so you can see how this isn't a great start but I'm willing to give it a try still.So what about when it's good it's great.

The short trip to Maryland has been in the works for over a month so there wasn't much that would keep me from it,including the rapture.The truck of doom wasn't repaired in time for the trip so a last minute call had me packing up the Ford Ranger that I love and will never betray again.I arrived in Maryland in time to help move some concrete around at one of Swamp Thing friends house.It's one of those help me with this and I will take you hunting later this year.I usually jump on these opportunities as we both did this one.After a few hours of sledgehammer swinging and wheelbarrows full of concrete we retreated for the night.The next day had us up early dropping Swampy little one off and us on the road to the Eastern Shore,I think.I get a bit confused but I know we stopped by Havre de Grace and then to Elk Neck Sate Forrest,I think.A little noon time fishing,with great results and then on to the great event,the Yankees game.At this point I should let you all know,I have been to a few major league games and hundreds of minor league games.Never have I had the seats we had at this Yankees vs. Orioles game.The only way to describe it is awesome.Great view,courteous employees,decent baseball fans,just decent though,it was Baltimore not New York.After 15 innings of baseball,yes 15,the Yankees won,no matter how ugly it was.A long day for sure,followed by another early wake up call so i could get on the road and get home.Upon returning home I retrieved the Chevrolet and went back to work.Like a charm everything worked out.Now I sit here pondering how to invest my money in a 401k.Yeah somewhere along the line I started thinking about the future,I'm still dealing with it.


Swamp Thing said...

Where's the fishing pix Bro Diddly?

tugboatdude said...

I can't get enough signal to download them into a file,then transfer on here.