Saturday, November 5, 2011

Look out Louisiana

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It's hard to believe that eight years ago I was living in the ghetto living paycheck to paycheck.Now I'm worried about planning a true leisure trip that is at the top pf my bucket list,Louisiana duck hunting.Last year more ducks were bagged in the state of Louisiana than in the entire Atlantic Flyway,no serious,that's a fact.Hard to believe but science doesn't lie my friends.Like most 30 plus outdoorsmen I have a ridiculous "bucket list".Being grounded I understand some of my dream trips will more then likely never happen but without a dream life is a nightmare,don't steal my qoutes.Earlier this Summer one of my brothers and I set out on an epic road trip to southwest Virginia and into Northeast West Virginia.We went trout fishing,hiking and mudding,the mudding wasn't planned.After that trip I ended up with a renewed confidence that I could in fact go to a "foreign" place and make it out.Not just make it out,but get to know the locals and fit in just fine.We live in the best country in the world,personal opinion,and I want to see it all.The museums are nice,shopping you can have but the outdoors I want to see so it's off to Louisiana for my next big outdoor step.

Cajun people are a special kind of folk

In my line of work I meet people from all over.I'm serious, I have worked with people from Holland to Honduras.I have worked months dredging river mud from the Mississippi River.I have carried soy meal from Kenner Bend Louisiana to Guatemala.That being said I have never stopped to enjoy the state of Louisiana.We just don't get a chance to take a break and go ashore much.Earlier this year i started working for a new company in the Northeast,specifically NYC.So take that into consideration and you can see how a southern Virginia boy might stick out like a sore thumb on a tugboat in NYC.I met a true cajun coon ass and we hit it off.Mostly because I understood him and he understood me.Getting along with somebody is different than meeting a fellow waterfowler.This guy used to be a guide in Louisiana,score!It was his idea that I come down and he would help me mark this off my list.So I'm going!I'm not sure exactly where,he has an 1800 acre lease.Yeah I know 1800 acres of marsh and pot holes,I can't imagine.So with my airline ticket purchased I'm patiently waiting for the next ten days to pass.I'm hoping to see some alligators,catch some redfish and shoot some ducks.No matter what happens this is my next big outdoors step and I'm excited.On another note congratulations to my Dad who has finally retired.He worked his ass off to provide for me,my brothers and my mom and now he can relax.I can't wait to go trout fishing with you again pops!


The Downeast Duck Hunter said...

Touchdown, I thought Arkansas was my top duck hunting destination but I'll be watching to see how your trip plays out.

River Mud said...

Get it!!!