Thursday, February 16, 2012

Outdoors Education,Get One

*Prime Hook is NOT where the following violation took place*

I have been in the past one of the many idiots with a fishing pole/shotgun participating in outdoors recreation.That being said it took a few lessons learned in my younger years to show me that if I wanted to be outside I needed to understand it.I'm talking about everything from plant identification,a work in progress,to wildlife rules and regulations.I was reading on another website of an egregious wildlife violation that happened in broad daylight,in plain view of a public audience,on a National Wildlife Refuge.To sum up,a professional photographer had submitted some pictures to the local newspaper.An image of snow geese on the NWR was chosen for the front page,beautiful picture by the way.The next morning the locals read the paper.That afternoon an idiot decided someone leaked good information on where those dang ol snows been creeping round.He went to the NWR,in front of others,with a shotgun and blasted into a large group of snow geese killing two and crippling others as the story goes.After the few up to date photographers and locals questioned the man he was oblivious that not only was what he was doing wrong but EXTREMELY illegal.So I have been told he was later arrested and charges are sure to follow.So what's the point?The point is this local yocal decided well pappy and me used to kill them there sky carp all day and night when I was a littlin!He probably has not acquired a license or even a regulation handbook in years if ever.The papers will be all over this and he will be labeled as a "hunter".A "hunter" that has broken the law to a ridiculous extent.This in turn makes us all look bad.Which in turn adds fuel to the fire of let's say anti Sunday hunting bills.So I say well done you stupid bastard and thanks from all of us who spend hours and hundreds of dollars to keep it legal.I will let everyone know how this specific event unfolds in the court and in the local papers.


River Mud said...

haha you should have posted those pictures of the guy. I hope, for his sake and ours, that he is completely mentally ill.

For anybody late to the party, it's illegal to hunt on this refuge without checking in with the warden and sitting in an assigned goose blind. This guy parked his car, walked a few feet off the road, and BLAM in front of photographers, birdwatchers, etc. Embarrassing.

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