Sunday, May 25, 2008

G-Dub Forrest

It's only been about six months since I had been to the George Washington Forrest but I had forgotten how intense the scenery is there.Two of my great friends and I packed like sardines into my Ford Ranger truck and took the three plus hour drive out there.We had to go to a different campsite site then our original one but we still got a sweet spot on a creek just above Cub Run.Down the mountain is stocked trout waters so all the city peeps like to fish there and it is ridiculously over fished.My one friend grew up just down the road in a town called Elkton which is right next to Shenandoah.We fished the south fork of the Shenandoah river,off the mountain and away from the morons,and even though the water was still a bit chilly all three of us caught about five fish a piece.Last time this year my friend who grew up in the area and I came up same weekend and all and we slaughtered some fish.Honestly around thirty fish a piece last year.This year I was getting skunked by my friends until I waded out into the water and found a nice deep hole.Within five minutes I had caught a red breasted bluegill,a smallmouth and a red eye.Any way you look at it we all had a great time.I honestly have a better time wondering up and down that river in swimming trunks then I do most everything else I do in my life.It's hard to explain but if you couple good friends with good weather,fishing and scenery there is no possible way you can be disappointed.


Swamp Thing said...

Awesome post homey! Fishing has been disappointing here in NC and south central VA but it has been great to get away from the I-95 corridor!

tugboatdude said...

thanks bro yeah its crazy fishing this year

Swamp Thing said...

Sounds like you had TROUT IN YOUR FACE!