Thursday, May 22, 2008

A Good Day Home

Well the weather finally broke.We have had either rain or wind since I have been home.My brother and I purchased another boat.Why another boat you ask,My response is I don't know,because I can.Really though it's a big upgrade from our first one.I took it out today in the Hampton Harbor.Nice flat water beautiful sunshine a hangover and no fish.Wait that doesn't sound like much fun but I made it fun.First I put the boat in by myself,never fun,then I proceeded to the small boat harbor in Newport News.I had to visit some people I used to work with and what better way to do it then by showing up in a boat.After a few minutes of shooting the breeze and remembering why I left that company I went and fished the seawall for a bit and had no luck.I contemplated heading over to the Monitor Merrimac Bridge Tunnel but I wasn't feeling brave enough.I was right there but the thought of crossing over the ship channel convinced me to just speed home with the motor wide open.Well this weekend I'm running for the mountains with a few choice friends to do some camping and fishing.We shall see if it works out.

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