Friday, March 6, 2009

Lazy Week

So the last few days have been quite lazy for me.I had to make a trip up to Baltimore last weekend to visit the regional Coast Guard examination center and hand in some paper work.Unfortunately I got snowed in Monday and had to wait for Tuesday to take care of that.Then I had made some flexible plans to try and get to the mountains for some trout fishing.Of course I couldn't find anyone who wanted to go with me.I'm not afraid to make a road trip by myself or go fishing by myself,I actually prefer that most of the time.I just wanted someone to help offset the cost of fuel and a hotel room while in the mountains.Yes I'm cheap,yes I can afford it,yes I was being lazy and didn't go.So I tried to take advantage of what is called the Urban Trout Fishing Program.It pretty much breaks down like this.The state of Virginia,and many others,breed trout in hatcheries and then hand pick lakes in urban areas to stock.I'm lucky in the sense that there is one of the "lucky" lakes about ten minutes from my house.It is a great idea that the Virginia Department of Game has and I do appreciate the thought.It just sounds like it would be so easy to catch them.They even post on line what exact day they stocked it last.Unfortunately I learned quickly while fishing that all of the cormorants and mergansers have eaten everything in the lake.Mix in a few river otters and less than 24 hours after stocking the lake,it's empty again.I went and did enjoy a nice day outside,60 degrees,had a sandwich and talked to a few old timers that refuse to think "those damn birds ate every bit of everything".I tried to explain how easy of a meal it is for the "damn birds" but I was met with awkward stares.Not much in store for the next few days unfortunately.If the wind lays down maybe a striper fishing trip but who knows.Next week it's back to work.In April when I come back home it will be time for the annual Catfish Camp 2009!

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