Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Find the Time

Tug Calusa Coast

It has been extremely difficult to find the time to sit down and write down anything.I can't even really find time to myself as of late.I came back to the boat last Thursday and it was right where I had left it.The shipyard wasn't where I necessarily wanted to go back to work,however with layoffs starting to hit the maritime industry,I'm glad to have a job.So last Thursday we completed putting the tow machine back together,fortunately I missed the hard part which happened last Tuesday.Don't worry I did my "hard" part when I took the thing apart before I went home a few weeks ago.The tow machine back together and the boat is ready to go back to work.Unfortunately there is no contract for us.This can only mean one thing,more shipyard fun!So here we sit,twenty minutes from my house in downtown Norfolk.It could be worse,I could be unemployed I suppose.The last few days have been routine.Wake up 7,on deck at 7;30,work until 11.Work can and does consist of busting your hump until you don't want to play anymore.Then back to work at noon,work until 5,eat dinner,shower,sleep and repeat.Oh yes my life has become a routine,not cool.

Tow machine/Tug East Coast

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