Wednesday, April 29, 2009

It's Been Fun

It truly has been a fun few weeks.I did everything that I wanted to do,which is strange.I usually over schedule myself but I think I nailed it on the head over the last few weeks.This past weekend was our annual Mancamp.Just to explain this is an annual tradition.It started about 7 years ago with my 2 brothers and my best friend at the time with his two brothers.Every year for the past 7 my friend and I have planned a camping trip to the Chickahominy WMA.It's a man only event for plenty of reasons.You may ask yourself why would women want to go to the woods with you fools anyway,I can't tell you why just that they do.This past weekend was a great time and it happened that both of my brothers were able to attend and we had a good time enjoying much of the scenery we all grew up with.The fish bite was a little slow but the weather was gorgeous and my boat semi-cooperated.more on that at a later time.I would like to thank both of my brothers along with all my friends who have made a point over the last few years to attend our get together on the lovely Chickahominy River.I know scheduling was a factor for some people not attending,but so was general laziness.It's back to the tug on Thursday so hooray for another 30 days of non-stop fun at work.I suppose I should be glad I still have a well paying job that allows me to do the things I enjoy.Until next time MANCAMP,as always it was fun.

A few of the boys from Mancamp '09


Swamp Thing said...

Buck Buck!

tugboatdude said...

Who's up for a game of buck buck?

Swamp Thing said...

I'll grab a tree!