Sunday, April 5, 2009

A Few Words

Well It has definitely been an interesting few days on the boat.I have been finding it difficult to make any time to do simple things like write my blog.The only reason I have a few minutes today is because we are in transit from one shipyard to another.Every year many larger commercial vessels are inspected by a company called ABS,American Bureau of Shipping.They inspect every thing from safety equipment to gauging the thickness of the medal and so on.We were taken off contract with Penn Maritime because our ABS inspection was due.Upon stopping by the company shipyard it was found more needed to be done than is possible in a rail facility.The tugboat needs to be pulled out of the water,dry docked.So after a few hellish days around aggravated company owners,we are being sent to Norfolk,Va. to get hauled out of the water.I only have a week left until my tour is over and it can't come soon enough.The weather seems to be clearing and I have some fishing,boating,camping and drinking to do.Yes people I want a damn beer,an ice cold freaking beer.Bring it on!

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