Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Relaxation 101/Part 1

The parents cabin/Southwest Virginia

So if you have been keeping up with the current trials of my life then you know that things have been a bit bumpy.Unfortunately my way of dealing with the BS of life is to turn my back on it so I don't knock someones block off.Fortunately for the last month I had a trip planned to SW Virginia and my parents new cabin in the woods.So last Thursday after a grueling nine hours with a few hundred other merchant seaman at the Towing Vessel Safety Seminar,I picked up my brother the Nutty Professor and we hit the road.After a few hours on the road and the city long behind us it hit me.I knew we were in for a great time.It was a bit of a tricky drive on US 58 at night especially because my navigator,Nutty,forgot his glasses.No worries we made it to the cabin around 11 at night and the day was over.

Upon waking up on Friday and eating a healthy breakfast of miniature sausage biscuits,my brother and I climbed in the truck to do some scouting.Crooked Creek runs through my parents property and is a beautiful sight to see.I'm more of a large tidal fisherman.What I mean by that is whether it's bass or flounder I'm just not used to fishing a creek.I have a little experience from fishing the Shenandoah River,but it's a much wider waterway than Crooked Creek.I also have little to no experience fishing for trout.Well after a few hours of scouting we headed back to the cabin for lunch.Some relatives,who I had never met,were supposed to be attending lunch.They were running late so navigator Nutty and I ate a quick sandwich and got the fishing gear together.The rest of the weekend stories are forthcoming.For now enjoy a few pictures from scouting.

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