Monday, April 13, 2009


so the day started off normal I suppose.My brother,nutty professor,came by the shipyard and picked me up to take me home.It was crew change day and the Virginia sun was shining.We drove home over the bridge tunnel and as we pulled into the driveway we were greeted by my neighbor Kris.He handed me my mail from over the last few weeks and we carried on a quick conversation.Then the mailman showed up and my head went awry.The thing is before I left for this last tour I put in for a simple upgrade on my MMD,Merchant Mariner Document.I have been asking Kris to keep an eye on the mail for it to show up.Well seeing as my luck is crap today it showed up.Seriously,it was almost out of a movie.I wasn't home five minutes and the postman handed me the letter.So you must be thinking congratulations right,well no.See the USCG fucked me again.Yes I understand this isn't proper protocol for my blog page and I probably need another paragraph or an indention but I don't care right now.No I'm not intoxicated either people.I'm in bed,I can't sleep and I feel like crying.I work my ass off and this is bullshit.The USCG changed the rules as of April 1.I applied on March 3,wtf.Just because they didn't get to it until after April 1 I have to suffer.Well thanks for taking my application fee.Thanks for the heads up,I appreciate that.Look I follow the rules,I do what is asked of me,I love this country,I don't care about the Government one way or another,I bust my ass literally at work and I come home to this.Well thank you and don't worry I will continue to bust my ass and work my way up.Change your rules and watch me follow them.You can piss me off but you can't make me hate the sea.I love it,I love my job.I'm good at it and you don't want to recognize that and that's your downfall.That's my rant,goodnight and yes I feel better already.Don't worry,I don't give up,this shit just drives me to try harder.


Swamp Thing said...

Par for the course my bruvva. When people see my professional registration and they're all casual like, "oh that's cool, was that hard to get?" it's hard to explain it to them, because technically, no, it should have been easy for anyone to get who met the requirements. But actually getting the paperwork in order, keeping extra copies (because the people in charge always lose something), is like a whole extra process that you just can't put words into.

For my registration - a coworker of mine actually had her earlier application (for entry level) used against her 5 years later, as a reason not to give her the registration. So she, like most people, gave up. Don't give up.

The Downeast Duck Hunter said...

Going to sound strange, but the scope of your post is why I enjoy reading your blog. Hard workers often go undervalued, unappreciated, and unrecognized. Think about how better our country would be if more people shared your attitude towards success.

In all fairness, your post reminded me of my dad who will not fail no matter how difficult the challenge. I suppose I can relate to your strife, play by the rules and get kicked in the balls. Get up and cover up, because it ain't happening again anytime soon.

Keep your head up, keep blistering, and never give up. I'd give them a call and share your frustrations, postmarked a month early to me seems like you met the requirements.