Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Back to What I Know

See everybody I knew Monday wasn't a day to be wasted.Since my friends and I got the boat trailer ready for when I get back off the boat,that left the entire day wide open.I pondered the idea of going back out and getting frustrated at the lack of ducks,Monday was the last day in Virginia for the four day split.Then my buddy who helped me with the hubs on my trailer decided it was to nice of a day for him to go to work and maybe we should go striper fishing.WHOA,I forgot,before I got so involved with duck hunting I used to go striper fishing with the same enthusiasm I have now for duck hunting.I didn't even by my saltwater fishing license this year,how pathetic.Luckily my friend has a boat license so I was covered there.Now my equipment has been sitting up on the porch for over two years collecting dust so it was time to score some new striper slaying digs.On to the Bass Pro Shop and after a little looking I find what was a little over kill but it's quality so to the boat I went.We loaded up my friends boat and away we went to the Back River in Hampton,Virginia.My friend fishes practically year round and usually goes by himself so he was happy to have the company.As a plus he knows where the fish are and what they are hitting on.He took us across the river to an abandoned pier and after a few casts,bam.To bad my drag on the new reel wasn't set and the fish wrapped me around some pilings and broke the line.A few minutes later my friend landed a two stripers that were literally a hair short of legal size so back they went.Then it was my turn,fishing in and around the abandoned pier,with grass everywhere it was a little frustrating.I did manage to land a 25 inch striper though!It was great,I missed that feeling of the fight on a small rod and reel.Eight pound test line was not quite enough but after a minute or two he was landed and high fives were all around the boat.We fished for a bit longer but didn't catch anything.Sitting around the boat later at the house,looking at my fish I thought maybe I'm spreading myself a little thin on my hobbies.It's hard to juggle everything I like to do when I have so little time at home.I couldn't imagine how I would do it if I had a wife and kids.Well I will just keep doing what it is I do and if the only problem I have in my life is how to equally spread my time out to all my hobbies,I figure I'm doing good.Well it's back to work on Thursday,so these will be the last nature based pictures for a month or so.

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