Monday, October 13, 2008

It Wasn't a Complete Waste

Yes everyone as expected the hunting only got worse as the weekend warmed up and the creeks got flooded with late season bass fishermen and the weekend hunters.I have learned tons from my first few days of standing in marsh grass,let's review.Number one,ducks are not stupid.They learn very quick,coupled with the fact that wood ducks are small,quick and agile,they don't make an easy target.Number two,it's difficult to do it by yourself.Dropping a boat in the water in complete darkness and navigating a creek with a good spotlight is still very hard.Number three boats are expensive.After the opening day debacle I got home and took a long look at the trailer of the larger,wider,faster primary duck boat.The hubs were literally about to fall apart.Yesterday afternoon a few of my friends helped me completely replace the hubs on the trailer,so that's done.Number four and most importantly it's an awesome feeling getting someone involved in duck hunting and watching them share the same anticipation that I have for the first flight of birds.More specifically my brother.I just want to take a minute and thank him for arranging his schedule to make time to come to the woods and marsh and hang out,hunt and just generally get excited with me over duck hunting.I am the youngest of three brothers and the oldest brother,swamp thing,got me involved with duck hunting about five years ago.My other brother,the nutty professor,is only recently getting involved and it's a great sight.Just to see him out there holding a shotgun,dressed in camo,asking general birding questions,many of which I could not answer and then referred him to Swamp Thing.Also on that note a few of my non-hunting friends came up last Friday and hung out and camped and I want to thank them for that as well.This is not a bust on those who could not make it,I understand schedules of married and working folks are difficult to rearrange.Now that being said I do feel bad my brother who came up to hunt only got to see one bird and didn't get a shot off.It's good practice for when the weather turns and some birds make it down here.Once again thanks to those who came and when I get back from my next hitch on the boat I couldn't possibly be more ready to bust some ducks!


{nUtTyPrOfFeSsOr} said...

Word! the quality forest time was worth it- My boomstik will knock some birds outta the sky soon enough!

tugboatdude said...

That's what I'm saying!soon enough the weather will turn and it's going to be great.