Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Norf Cackilacky

What a swell trip that was,pun intended.After hanging around the Newport News Virginia anchorage for way to long we headed out to what should have been a short trip to Wilmington,North Carolina.First off just to review we were at the Newport News anchorage waiting for a Low Pressure system to move up the coast.It definitely got nasty for a few days at the anchorage and I was thankful that I wasn't out at sea during those few days.That being said we had no idea the swells that were kicked up by the low would hang around for another three days.A strong East wind along with the Tropical Storm Kyle off the coast made for a rough trip down the coast.It had been almost a year since I have been in anything over five foot and I could go my whole life without ever experiencing it again.Enough of that,it brings back bad memories.Needless to say,we made it to North Carolina and did our thing.Headed up the Cape Fear River,a new one for me,and got the barge to it's destination.Then I decided I should go home,so I did.Here I sit in my stable house that doesn't sway back and forth and throw dishes and Tupperware at me.It also doesn't keep me awake at night by rattling tire chains on the side of the boat,damn that's annoying.So next week,starting Thursday,is Virginia's four day October duck hunt.I'm planning on taking full advantage of it,if the weather holds.I have a few friends that seem interested in going camping at the least,so it should prove to be a time to remember.

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The Rabid Outdoorsman said...

Good luck on your duck hunt! Pound em!